About Us

Footprints staff and volunteers Footprints staff and volunteers

Footprints Women’s Centre has provided services for women within the Colin Neighbourhood since 1991. 

During this period the Centre has been acknowledged as a valuable asset within the community and has developed a diverse range of services to meet the distinct needs of women and children living within the Colin area.

Responding to the needs of local women and their families, Footprints Women’s Centre has filled recognised gaps and offers a relaxing and welcoming environment, where local women are encouraged and supported to build self-esteem, confidence and develop skills through participation in the range of programmes and activities on offer.

We operate as a social enterprise and own a trading company incorporating both a Day-care and a Catering business. All profits from Trading are ‘gifted’ back to the women’s centre.

We welcome and would encourage women from the Colin Neighbourhood to contact us or call into the centre and speak to one of our staff about how we could assist you.