Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots

Footprints Tiny Tots room is registered to care for babies from 8 weeks upwards. We can cater for 9 babies daily and our staff to child ratio is one staff member to three children.

Our baby room is calm, warm and stimulating, filled with plenty of toys and activities to keep babies entertained. Our main focus is on helping your baby to develop and learn through play. We believe babies learn best through their senses and have an excellent supply of sensory, as well as natural resources to encourage the baby’s use of all five senses and encorage exploration of their environment.

There is a soft play corner to encourage babies to roll-around freely, which is particularly good for babies learning to sit and stand for the very first time. The babies enjoy mirrors, noisy things and squishy things with the emphasis on the touchy-feely side of play.

Sleep Room

We have a separate baby sleeping section, and all babies will have their own cot bedding and blankets, washed regularly and stored in their own bags. Please feel free to provide a blanket from home for additional reassurance.

We also have a separate nappy changing area for those frequent nappy changes!

The Programme will focus around the Birth to Three Matters Framework. 

Activities are planned and guidance is taken from the Birth to Three Matters Framework to help them develop and extend their individual needs.

This is developed in the following way: -

A Strong Child

  • Me, Myself and I
  • Being acknowledged and affirmed
  • Developing self-assurance
  • A sense of belonging

A Skillful Communicator

  • Being together
  • Finding a voice
  • Listening and responding
  • Making meaning

A Competent Learner

  • Making connections
  • Being imaginative
  • Being creative
  • Representing

A Healthy Child

  • Emotional well-being
  • Growing and developing
  • Keeping safe
  • Healthy choices

A cornerstone of good early year practice is that children learn through play. Good quality play experience allows children to learn to succeed, challenge, learn empathy, negotiate, fail and succeed again. Our Play programme allows the children to experience this in an environment where experienced staff can facilitate quality play. Education and development of your child is paramount to Footprints and we aim to provide for all your children’s developmental needs and get the experience to learn through play.

As a parent we want to let you know what your children/child will learn with the range of activities we provide in our routine throughout the day. We will provide you with a daily record of what your little one has got up too during the day and have a enriched program incorporating the following areas of play:

  • Water play / Sand Play
  • Arts/Crafts
  • Song/Article Time
  • Home Corner / Dress-up 
  • Table Top and Floor Activities 
  • Outdoor Physical Play

 Please Provide:

Parents are asked to provide bottles for their children and their formula as staff will make child’s bottles fresh throughout the day, nappies, wipes and any barrier creams if required.

During the summer months suncream and a hat is essential for your child’s safety.

During the winter months we ask parents to provide warm clothes and appropriate to allow children to experience all types of weather.

In the TinyTots room we will be exploring with alot of messy play so we would encourage parents to bring the child into daycare wearing  old clothing and to provide us with spare clothing to change your child if needed.