Toddler Room

In our toddler room we can cater for 16 toddlers daily aged 2-3 years and our staff to child ratio is one staff member to four children.  Although we offer places for children age appropriate staff can asses if a child is able to move into the toddler room based on their stage of development.  Every child develops differently and we will carefully monitor your child so that they will only move when ready to experience new and exciting adventures in the Toddler room.

The Toddler room consists of a large playroom and a bathroom fully equipped with toddler-sized toilets, sinks, storage for each child’s toileting requirments  and a nappy changing area.  Each child has their own toothbrush and face cloth and is encouraged to brush their teeth and wash their own hands and face after mealtimes.   We also take part in a 1, 2, 3, tooth brushing programme encouraging good oral hygiene in young children. 

There is a whole new world of activities available for this age group - including continuous provision of loose parts,a large selection of heuristic play, increased outdoor physical play activities, home and role play resources, sand and water play, a soft cosy corner, books and construction equipment to keep them very much entertained. The children will also have a great focus on art and creativity and there is a sensory board in the room providing play experiences and discovery through the senses. This is the age group when your little one is developing their own personality, progressing in  their independence and developing their speech. There is a large focus on speech and language in this room and staff work closely with the children in promoting language and developing appreciation for  stories, songs, and music.

Not all activities will be adult led, as it is equally important for your child to learn through play.  Throughout the majority of our day we do encourage free play.  This is when the children pick their toys and lead their own play.  Adults will become involved in the children’s play only when invited by the children.  During both the morning and afternoon session we participate in group work.  Each keyworker will sit with their keyworker group and provide them with an activity appropriate for their stage of development.  During this time the keyworker records each child’s progress through observations.  These observations help the adults plan ahead for activities to enhance the children’s leaning and play experiences.   



The programme that we focus around is the Birth to Three Matters Framework.   Activities are planned and guidance is taken from the Birth to Three Matters Framework to help them develop and extend their individual needs.

This is developed in the following way: -

A Strong Child

A Skillful Communicator

  • Me, Myself and I
  • Being acknowledged and affirmed
  • Developing self-assurance
  • A sense of belonging
  • Being together
  • Finding a voice
  • Listening and responding
  • Making meaning


A Competent Learner

A Healthy Child

  • Making connections
  • Being imaginative
  • Being creative
  • Representing
  • Emotional well-being
  • Growing and developing
  • Keeping safe
  • Healthy choices


Daily Requirements

Footprints provide a named bag for each child containing the following items that we ask all parents provided on their child’s first day:

  • Two changes of clothes with outdoor wear for both wet and dry weather.
  • Suncream and sun hat for your child for the good weather.

If your child requires the following then please send in:

  • Disposable nappies
  • Creams and wet wipes


Potty Training

It’s around this age that some parents would like to start to potty train their children.  If your child is not already potty/toilet trained our staff will work in partnership with you and discuss a suitable method for introducing this, both at home and at the centre.  Potty training is a happy process and the staff will advise you on the best time to try potty training your child. There is not a fixed age for this. Please do not worry if everyone tells you your toddler is late. All wet nappies are changed in the toilet area and the toddler is put onto the potty. When the toddler uses the toilet they are praised. Please note elasticised waistbands are preferred rather than dungarees. 

Sleep times

Please let staff know if you require your child to sleep. This will normally be after lunch but times may vary according to individual needs.  Our sleep time is from 12:30 – 2:00pm.