The Waddler Room

Once your baby is starting to become more mobile we will begin to integrate her/him gradually into the waddler room.  We can cater for 9 children daily and our staff to child ratio is one staff member to three children.

Every child develops differently and we will carefully monitor your child through observation so that they will only move when ready to experience new and exciting adventures in the waddler room.

The room allows for both quiet and active play and the focus is to provide learning opportunities through play and the use of sensory and natural materials.

Sleep Room

We have a separate sleep room for the waddlers and all children have their own cot bedding and blankets, washed regularly and stored in their own bags. Please feel free to provide a blanket from home for additional reassurance.

We also have a separate nappy changing area for those frequent nappy changes!

Play Programme

The Programme will focus around the Birth to Three Matters Framework. 

Activities are planned and guidance is taken from the Birth to Three Matters Framework to help the children develop and progress within their individual development needs

This is developed in the following way: -

A Strong Child

  • Me, Myself and I
  • Being acknowledged and affirmed
  • Developing self-assurance
  • A sense of belonging

A Skillful Communicator

  • Being together
  • Finding a voice
  • Listening and responding
  • Making meaning

A Competent Learner

  • Making connections
  • Being imaginative
  • Being creative
  • Representing

A Healthy Child

  • Emotional well-being
  • Growing and developing
  • Keeping safe

Learning is an interactive process that involves continuous opportunities for exploration.  Good quality play programmes facilitate young children’s learning through play.  The keyworker system enables staff to build strong relationships with individual children and adapt the routines and activities to meet the changing interests and needs of the group

Staff continuously observe and record the children’s play opportunities to develop an overall plan suited to individual needs.  

Daily Requirements

 We ask all parents to  provide on their child’s first day:

  • Two changes of clothes with outdoor wear for both wet and dry weather.
  • Sun cream and sun hat for your child for the good weather.

If your child requires the following then please send in:

  • Disposable nappies
  • Creams and wet wipes.