Creche Creche

Footprints Women’s Centre has recently developed a on site sectional building to support our growing numbers of families engaged in training and education classes as well as support our other childcare services.

Programme of care

The children in the crèche receive the same programme of play and care as the children in the daycare and afterschools rooms. The staff are highly qualified and experienced.

A weekly programme of play is in place and delivered to meet the children’s individual development needs. The crèche is registered by the South Eastern Trust in line with the requirements of the Children’s (1995) Order.

The crèche is utilised in the following way:

  • To support training and development opportunities
  • To support women in a volunteering role in the centre
  • To facilitate women in need of respite
  • To provide opportunities for women to attend medical appointment, specialised therapies or counselling.
  • To support families through our family support service.

Opening Hours

The crèche is open from 9.30am – 12.30pm and is available from September until June. The crèche is closed during July and August.


We would appreciate if you could inform crèche staff if your child will not be attending. After an absence of 2 weeks without informing crèche staff your child’s place will be allocated to someone else.