Ethos and values


To enable women and children to grow to ensure their voices are heard and that they take their rightful place in a just and equal society.

Our values

  • To demonstrate Respect through listening actively to others and being non-judgemental
  • To create a Welcoming Friendly Atmosphere
  • To recognise diversity through treating people as individuals
  • To demonstrate Equality through showing no difference among those we work for and with
  • To maintain Confidentiality through being clear about boundaries and meeting the requirements of the confidentiality code.
  • To provide Support through matching need.
  • To demonstrate Commitment through generating positive energy individually and collectively
  • To underpin work with a Feminist ethos that raises Awareness of the inequalities experienced by women in society and provides interventions to redress the balance.

Aims and Objectives


  • Provide a holistic service which addresses the individual needs of women
  • Provide a quality service so that children have access to a Wide Range of positive experiences to enable them to reach their full potential now and later in life
  • Maximise the income generating activities of Footprints Women’s Centre in order to sustain our social and business objectives.
  • Raise awareness and develop skills that enable women to influence policies and legislation and services affecting their lives and the lives of their children.
  • Ensure Footprints Women’s Centre is accountable and value based in all its activities.


  • Tailor a range of learning and development opportunities to enable women and children to reach their potential
  • Facilitate referrals internally and externally to services developed to meet needs
  • Develop a structured and progressive volunteer programme
  • Promote social inclusion through all centre programmes and activities.
  • Explore other opportunities for social business and income generation
  • Ensure financial management systems are in place to find and manage the funds for our services
  • Ensure quality business and community development principles are applied in practice to all activities
  • Provide inclusive and well resourced services that are child led and responsive to children’s individual needs
  • Maintain and develop strong working partnerships with parents, social partners and service users to widen access to resources and services and influence policy
  • Ensure sufficient and skilled people are in place to meet requirements of our best practice frameworks
  • Consolidate existing social business provision
  • To design and produce a marketing and promotion strategy and to promote our services to women, children, social partners and funders.
  • To support and encourage active participation by local women and children on relevant bodies and campaigns
  • To carry out and publish research which will inform future local strategic development
  • To facilitate discussion with women and children on equality and rights issues
  • To monitor our practice to ensure it is value based
  • To share information that is accessible and relevant
  • To implement and develop ICT Strategy.