Family support

Family support Family support

Family Support services have been a cross cutting theme of Footprints work since its establishment in 1991.

Family Support Services are supported by both the Children’s Services and Women’s Support Services in Footprints.  The services available vary from fun activities and improving family relationships to providing more structured support. Some examples are:

  • Baby massage
  • Baby Yoga
  • Mums and Kids Cookery
  • Parenting support
  • One off events
  • Respite and Support
  • Guidance and information services for parents 
  • Family support packages

Family Support packages

Family Support Packages are a combination of preventative actions agreed by parent(s) to support families to regain control of their lives and ultimately improving outcomes for children.

Footprints welcomes and supports families no matter how diverse their needs.  We see it as an achievement for families to take that first and most important step in asking for help and will seek out the appropriate options of support for them to ensure that journey continues.

Who else can help?

If a family needs support other than what Footprints can offer we link with other specialised agencies that can move in quickly to support the requirements of women and children

This work remains confidential to protect families while they take time out to strengthen themselves to become a stronger more secure family unit.

Childcare respite

This service is organised through our referral process where women require short-term childcare services.  This may be to enable the woman to spend more quality time with her family, to undertake unexpected caring responsibilities, to have time to herself, to attend appointments (counselling, solicitor, hospital etc).