Footprints Pre-School Graduation 2015

On the afternoon of Friday 22nd May, Footprints’ pre-school room started to fill up with our very excited pre-school children and their proud parents. While the staff got the children ready with their hats and gowns, the parents took their seats in the drop in. The children, looking very smart in their robes, got a few pictures taken and had one last practice before lining up to go outside to our outdoor play area.

As the pre-school children played happily outside, our members of staff started to line up the children. Our Deputy Childcare Co-Ordinator, Elizabeth Barrett, and a member of our Board of Directors, Noreen Braniff, welcomed the parents before the ceremony began.

When each child was called in, they were presented with a certificate on stage and got their picture taken. After every child had been called and seated, our parents and guests were treated to some lovely songs that the children had been practising over the last few months.

To make the best of a beautiful sunny day, the children and parents were invited into our garden where they had the opportunity to take photographs. Parents and guests then made their way, with the children, back inside again where our Childcare Co-Ordinator, Deirdre-Anne O’Halloran, began taking photos of the children looking proud on their special day.